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Can you schedule our monthly home watch service to coincide with a delivery or service during any particular month?

Yes, we always try to accommodate our customer’s needs especially when it could mean a savings to them.

What is the benefit of an exterior walk around only service?

Budget conscious clients sometimes ask us just to walk around the exterior of their home looking for obvious problems such as a door ajar, broken window or signs of an attempted break-in. This service works best with an interior inspection at least once per month.

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What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and of course cash.

Can I pay you annually or semi-annually rather than once per month?

Yes, you may and if for any reason you choose to cancel your service you will receive a prorated refund of services not performed.

Can I save $$ on my service by paying you annually or semi-annually?

Unfortunately our pricing structure is so affordable there is no room for discounts based on advanced payments. We accept advanced payments as a courtesy to our customers who would rather not deal with making a payment each month. We do accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

Do I have to sign a long term contract for service?

We have no long term contracts. Your service is considered to be month to month, however we ask for a minimum of 4 weeks notice in order to adjust our home watch scheduling in your area. So the shortest period of service with us would be 8 weeks to begin and 4 weeks thereafter.

Why is it best to have your company watch my house as apposed to my neighbor?

People who have their neighbors watch their home many times still hire a professional home watch company as well. Home watch professionals are trained to look for problems as they begin. Anyone can come into your home to find a gushing water pipe under the kitchen sink, by then it is too late. Home watch professionals will many times see the drip before it becomes an all out broken pipe. Not to mention we are insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

Can I save money by just having you walk through my house without having to stop to run water, look under sinks, etc.?

No, that would compromise the very reason you have a professional watch your home.

How many photos can/will you take of my home during each inspection?

We only take photos of your home as defined by you, the client. You may ask us to take as many as you wish, however we ask you try to limit your request to 8 per inspection.

If I choose to view my report securely online, are the reports archived for future review?

It is always best to print each report after reviewing it, however all reports will be archived by our cloud based software for future reference of all clients in good standing. Sorry photos are not archived.

Can I request the same home watch professional inspecting my home each service?

We assign the same home watch team member to your home for the duration of your service with us. The exception to this statement would be if your team member is sick, on vacation or retires.